Mir Jahan — Playing with the rope

"Shabjahaan lives in village Haji Noor Muhammad Thaheem. She is 17 years old. Here she is playing jump-rope. She likes to play this, but she does not get enough time to play because she has to do the home chores, bring water from the canal and give time to her studies. If she does not do her chores, her family get angry. Most of Shabjahaan’s time gets wasted in fetching water. She wishes to study well because this is the age of studying and playing."


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Girls' washroom

“Shabjahaan is in seventh grade. She says that before they only had a boys' washroom at school so girls felt shy going there. She used not to go to the toilet throughout her school time. She says that she wished they had a separate washroom for girls so that they did not have to face any issues. Now Shabjahaan is very happy. Now she does not feel shy because now girls have their own separate washroom built by NRSP (WaterAid partner). The door key of the washroom is also with the girls.”